Scopeout Escape Room - a new look at your favorite game

Escape rooms (real life escape games) are an adventure for everyone, which is gaining more and more fans around the world. It does not matter how old you are or if you have played before – the things that count most are the ability to observe carefully, logical thinking and team work. Thanks to them, you will manage to overcome a number of puzzles prepared for you and leave victoriously from the game. Expect unusual scenarios and custom solutions. Visit Scopeout Escape Room and check yourself into one of our four rooms!


How to win?

Organize your space – write down all the tips and designate a place for found pieces of the puzzle so that you can go back to them at any moment.

Look carefully

In an escape room you will find many solutions that are not obvious. Think outside the box - not everything is as it may seem.


All experiments and elements of the game are safe for the participants, so do not be afraid to experiment with your surroundings.


Padlocks seem to be an integral part of the game in the escape room. However, we have minimized the number of them in favor of more creative solutions.


When solving tasks do not be susceptible to schemes. Logical connection of all elements together will allow you to move smoothly to the next stage of the game.

Will you make it?

Immerse yourself in one of four different worlds, and then awake your inner detective to see if you can get out without any hints!

Scopeout Escape Room - current room offering

Eliksir Trolla
(The Troll's Elixir)

Forest trolls are hectic. They're tricksters and still have plenty on their minds, yet they seem to be very relaxed and live several hundred years! Is it due to the brisk forest air? Not only this! Their secret is the elixir of longevity, which they guard closely. As you know about it now... you may want to try it for yourself? But first you have to get it!

  • Intermediate 2-4 players.

Uprowadzona I: Ostatni Ślad
(Taken I: The Last Trace)

Another girl disappears without a trace. The police believe that behind the disappearances of young women may stand a grim taxi driver, but they failed to link him with the last victim. Find proof that it was him who the missing girl saw last before a tragedy happens. Every second matters!

  • Beginners 2-5 players.

Uprowadzona II: Miejska Legenda
(Taken II: Urban Legend)

The appearance of a mysterious taxi driver in the city coincided with a series of disappearances of young female students. You managed to locate his hideout, but the man turned out to be smarter than expected. Will you survive the confrontation with a man about whom the entire city gossips and break the series of abductions? Or maybe you will become his next victim?

  • Intermediate 2-5 players.

Mister Heisenberg

Time to try the new formula! However, breaking into the Heisenberg's lab was not the best idea. During production something goes wrong, the RV becomes a trap, and the old door does not even want to budge. Will you manage to escape before everything explodes?

  • Advanced 2-5 players.

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